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Glaucoma eye care in 20877

20877 eye care
20877 eye care

Glaucoma is an eye disease in which an imbalance between the eye fluid created and that which is drained causes the pressure in your eyes to increase to an unsafe level. At Argos Vision and Eye Care Center, we are dedicated to preventing you from suffering the worst consequences of this condition. Our glaucoma eye care is recommended as a yearly ritual, so that any signs of it can be detected early, leading to a greater chance for good outcomes.

The way your eye is supposed to work is by creating fluid, circulating it to clean the eye, and then draining it out. This happens every single day, many times. It is only when that fluid cannot be drained efficiently that problems begin to arise. At first, you won’t notice any symptoms. That is typical of many common eye diseases, including glaucoma. Our 20877 eye care can diagnose it even if you don’t know it’s there, though. We use the best of today’s available technology in order to do so. The baseline test is called tonometry. It measures your internal eye pressure. If you do experience any of the following symptoms, however, you should contact us promptly because it likely means you are dealing with a more advanced stage of glaucoma: eye pain, severe headache, blurred vision, halos appearing around light, eye redness, and nausea an vomiting. If our 20877 eye care does determine that you have glaucoma, treatment will center around restoring the balance of fluid creation to fluid drainage. Special eye drops are one method. They reduce your fluid production. Laser treatments can be used to improve drainage. And microsurgery in some cases is a good option, since its goal is to create a new drainage channel.

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