Cataract treatment in Gaithersburg

Cataract Treatment in Gaithersburg

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Cataracts in Gaithersburg

Cataracts occur when deposits of protein begin to form on the outside of your natural eye lenses. They are responsible for blurry and/or cloudy vision. This is a disease that is fortunately not associated with serious physical damage to your eyes or blindness, but it is one that needs to be diagnosed so that treatment can be administered. Fortunately, the most common way to manage the effects is with eyeglasses or contact lenses that are specially made for the purpose. And when the disease becomes advanced, we offer expertly performed cataract surgery. Here at Argos Vision and Eye Care Center, you can depend on the attention of our specialist to ensure that you can maintain optimal vision despite the impact of cataracts.

Like with many typical eye diseases, cataracts starts out symptom-free. Over time, though, as the number of deposits and their size both increase, you are going to notice the changes to your vision. Our cataract treatment in Gaithersburg starts off with corrective eyewear that improves your vision. You will probably need to have the prescription updated periodically to account for the progression of the disease. An evaluation will be made to determine if our cataract treatment in Gaithersburg should change its focus to a surgical option. The way it works is that your eye lenses are taken out, and at the same time, new advanced prosthetics are put in to replace them. They are called intraocular lens implants, or IOLs. Available as either monofocal or multifocal, they take over the job of your natural lenses and give you vision correction either far away, or at all distances.

Reach out to our office to book an appointment for an cataracts screening. If you do need our cataract treatment in Gaithersburg, you will be confident in knowing you are in the best hands.

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