Eye doctor in Gaithersburg

Eye Doctor in Gaithersburg

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Eye disease can be devastating often causing loss of eyesight, but early detection and treatment can help avert tragedy and preserve vision. Our eye doctor in Gaithersburg at Argos Vision Center performs comprehensive eye examinations that can diagnose eye diseases at an early stage, often before the patient notices any symptoms. Our office has the latest optical diagnostic equipment and technology to help our practice deliver the highest quality vision care.

Glaucoma is one eye disease that a comprehensive eye exam at our eye doctor in Gaithersburg can diagnose and help our patients overcome. Glaucoma is actually not a single disease but a group of disorders that are characterized by abnormally high intraocular pressure, which affects the optic nerve. Pressure builds up when the fluid that circulates around the eye is blocked. Glaucoma does not pop-up suddenly but tends to increase over time, therefore, early detection is essential for effective treatment. There tends to be few, if any, symptoms of glaucoma while it is developing. If left untreated glaucoma will cause permanent damage to the eye and eventual blindness. The disease can affect anyone but definitely has a hereditary component. Patients who also suffer from diabetes are also more likely to get glaucoma. The majority of glaucoma sufferers are over the age of 40.

As part of a comprehensive eye examination our eye doctor in Gaithersburg will measure the intraocular pressure in your eyes with a test called tonometry. Our office is equipped to perform several different types of tonometry measurements. If detected before significant damage is done to the optic nerve glaucoma can be treated in a number of different ways. Depending on the specific type of glaucoma early stage cases are usually managed through the use of medicated eye drops, which reduce the fluid backup. For more serious cases doctors perform either laser surgery or microsurgery to start a small overflow of the fluid and reduce the backup. While these treatments are highly successful, there is no way to restore vision that has already been lost. Early detection and treatment are the only way to prevent serious vision loss from glaucoma so please make an appointment to have our doctor perform a comprehensive exam on your eyes.

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