Glaucoma treatment 20877

Glaucoma Treatment 20877

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Glaucoma testing and treatments in 20877

Glaucoma treatment 20877
Glaucoma treatment 20877

Glaucoma is the eye disease that develops from an imbalance between the fluid that your eyes create and that which it drains, increasing eye pressure to an unsafe level. At Argos Vision and Eye Care Center, you can get screened for glaucoma, which has no obvious symptoms during its early stages, and take advantage of our glaucoma treatment 20877 in a timely manner, to improve the odds of a successful outcome. Left undetected, it can lead to vision loss and even total blindness.

Typically, glaucoma develops over a period of time, but if you suffer an eye injury, infection, or inflammation, it’s possible for the advancement of it to be accelerated. Generally, the condition impacts both eyes, though it’s possible for one to be more so than the other. Since glaucoma develops and then progresses “silently,” without you being aware, it is highly recommended that you get our glaucoma testing every year. Anyone is prone to it, no matter age, ethnic background, gender, heredity, or medical history. If, however, you do notice any of the following, it could mean that you have advanced glaucoma: loss of vision, redness in your eyes, seeing halos surrounding light, eye pain, tunnel vision, and even nausea and vomiting (particularly in conjunction with one or more other symptoms). Don’t wait for a full year go by before you get screened in that case. Diagnostics involve a complete eye exam along with the baseline test of tonometry, which is used to measure your level of internal eye pressure. Our glaucoma treatment 20877 includes options such as topical eye drops for reducing fluid production, laser surgery for improving drainage efficiency, and microsurgery, designed for creating a new drainage channel.

There is no reason to worry about the worst consequences of glaucoma, so long as you get screened annually. Our glaucoma treatment 20877 is effective in providing relief for its effects and restoring optimal eye health.

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