Optical store in Gaithersburg

Optical Store in Gaithersburg

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Contact lenses in Gaithersburg

There are two basic types of contact lenses, and we proudly offer both here at Argos Vision and Eye Care Center. There are many benefits to wearing contacts in general, and regardless of your preferences and comfort level, we’re certain you’ll find the ones that are perfect for you among our collection.

Any of the contact lenses from our optical store in Gaithersburg are going to give you a more natural vision than eyeglasses would. They act like an extension of your eyes, rather than sitting inches away. In addition, your ability to see from side-to-side, your peripheral vision, is completely without any hindrance. And when you wear contact lenses, no one else knows. There is no alteration to how your face looks, either. The preceding features apply to all contacts. Soft lenses, however, are typically associated with maximum comfort. In addition, there are four popular varieties of them. First there are daily wear. Keep them in for as long as 18 hours. Extended wear can stay in longer, even overnight. Both need to be cleaned, though. If maintenance-free is more to your liking, our optical store in Gaithersburg has disposable lenses. Wear them once and then discard them. Or enjoy the experience of trying on a new eye color. You can even wear color-changing contacts without the need for vision correction. So why consider gas permeable lenses then? They’re associated with greater eye wellness due to the fact that they breathe. And because there’s no water in them, they are less likely to harbor bacteria.

Let our optical store in Gaithersburg work with you to identify the type of contact lenses that give you the sharpest, clearest vision, and match up with your lifestyle, while also providing you optimal comfort. Schedule an appointment for an examination by reaching out to our office now. Call or use the appointment button at the top of our website.

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